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Meet Your MSA Certified
Saddle Fitter

Manna Chertov

Manna Chertov prides herself on helping horses feel more comfortable, sound and successful in their rides by correctly fitting their saddles.
As a born-and-raised Sonoma County horse girl, she found her calling in saddle-fitting as a way to provide instant gratification to horses and riders as well as enable long-term proper muscle development through correcting saddle fit. She is a trained Master Saddle Fitter and the Northern California Agent for County Saddlery with over 15,000 hours of hands-on training and experience. Manna has honed her craft providing saddle solutions that help horse and rider communicate in symmetry. Her constant desire to grow, learn and relieve pain keeps her curious in every appointment, giving 100% to each person and horse she works with. Manna uses a variety of tools to attain optimum saddle fit. She evaluates both statically and dynamically then advises on proper tree fit, saddle symmetry and balance, shimming, flocking adjustments, and custom saddle orders.

Her childhood riding career began saddleless where she was expected to find her rhythm and balance with her horse without any support or reliance on equipment. She later moved into dressage work where she found the support of a local Master Saddle Fitter who showed her that balance and connection can still exist with the support of the right equipment. As an adult, Manna continues to ride and enjoy her Thoroughbred, Romeo, and help Northern California equestrians attain the saddle fit she values.

Meet Your MSA Certified
Saddle Fitter

Manna Chertov

“Horses represent everything important in life to me.  They are the best example of how we can all improve ourselves and our relationships with others. They deserve the best care and help from us after all they do for us. They not only deserve it, they NEED it.

The saddle is the most obvious tool we use to communicate our intention with the horse.  It is an amplifier of our aids. If it does not fit well, it causes  pain to our dear partners. If it fits well, like a hiking or running or dancing shoe does for us, they can do their job peacefully and happily. They can perform at their very best, and we are in turn doing a service for them, A creature who has given their body, minds AND souls to us for centuries.  It is the least we can do to say thanks to these incredible beings. “


Manna Chertov prides herself on helping horses feel more comfortable, sound and successful in their rides by correctly fitting their saddles.


"Dressage is a sport of superlatives. Striving for excellence... Nearing perfection. In my pursuit of 'Perfection', I look no further than County. Gene and his team are innovators, each design putting both the horse's & rider's comfort at the fore. When my horses are healthy & happy in their work, there is nothing more beautiful to watch than that. I feel so privileged to have the support of a company that shares not only my passion for the sport, but, most importantly, my love of the horse."

Lisa Wilcox

"I never realized how much a saddle affects the overall ride until I rode in a County Saddle. My horse is never truly at her best unless she is in a County. There is no better feeling than riding in a County Saddle for the first time."

Will McLean

“County saddles are incredibly comfortable and well balanced saddles. County’s reps have extensive training and knowledge to ensure total fit for horse and rider. I love that they are able to assess my horses’ backs throughout the season to make necessary adjustments to each saddle so the fit is always perfect.”

Zume Gallaher

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Manna Chertov

Northern California Rep.

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