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Dressage Saddles

For a sitting trot you cannot imagine is possible, The Epiphany allows your horse to move more freely forward, and Takes You with Him. Which allows you to focus less on your position and more on your horse. Featuring a 3/4 length thigh roll and seat-to-leg flap relationship that puts you on your sit bones, relaxes the hip and lengthens the leg. Ride in the “Epiphany” and you’ll know how it got its name.

Next Gen "Epiphany" Dressage Saddle - Monoflap

If you love the Epiphany but prefer a longer curved external roll that literally melts around your leg, you must try the Inspiration. All of County’s “Next Gen” monoflaps are so close they are like a second skin allowing you to feel and quickly respond to things you have never felt before.

Next Gen "Inspiration" Dressage Saddle - Monoflap

Love the Epiphany and Inspiration but prefer a more traditional internal knee roll? The Intuition may be your choice. Featuring a unique open knee pad that allows the rider to choose the knee roll size and position of their choice, depending on their individual thigh angle or even the shape of their horse.

Next Gen "Intuition" Dressage Saddle - Monoflap

When we asked many of the world's top riders what they felt when they sat in our newest dressage saddle, they exclaimed it's "Perfect". So we named it "Perfection". When customers asked us to explain the difference between the "Perfection" and other saddles, we realized that the feelings are indescribable. You have to experience it. "Perfection" is a feeling you don't want to miss.


The sitting trot becomes almost effortless in the Connection. The narrow twist, the seat profile, the optional leg positions and the extreme close contact leather all combine to give you a feel you wouldn't have thought possible. Before you buy anything try this saddle and find out how much easier riding becomes when you have the right Connection.


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